Has the ocean been calling your name?
It’s about time you answered with an Ocean Day Out

Fed up of rushed, heavily scheduled boat tours? Tired of feeling cold in your wetsuit waiting for the next dive? We are too, so we created a solution. Grab your mates and pack your esky, it’s time for an Ocean Day Out!

Tours depart from East Fremantle and we also pick up from Rottnest Island.

This is not a group tour.
We repeat. This is not a group tour.
It’s an Ocean Day Out!

We love diving, but know there’s more to the ocean than that. Which is why on an Ocean Day Out, you’ll also get the chance to stop, breathe, relax, and really soak up all that the ocean has to offer.

Want to hop off the boat at Rottnest and head over to the quokka arms with your mates? You can. Prefer to lay on the sand and soak up the rays of the sun? The choice is yours.

What you’ll love about your Ocean Day Out:

  • Small groups
  • Great fun and knowledgeable crew
  • Plenty of time for other ocean activities and relaxation
  • No strict schedule or waiting around in your wet wetsuit – just ocean fun
  • Flexible and bespoke options

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Design your very own Ocean Day Out – just the way you like it.

The ocean is flexible and so are we…

Whether you’re looking for an early morning dive, a day trip full of relaxation, or a sunset river cruise, or something else, the choice is yours.

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What else make Ocean Day Out different to other Perth boat tours and charters?

We can’t wait to tell you! Click here to find out.

"From morning tea to snacks and drinks, to arriving back at the marina at the end of the day. It was action packed and full of smiles and laughter. Nothing was too much trouble. The boat ride to Rottnest was an adventure. Riding the waves with the ocean spray on your face. The diving was easy, rolling off the boat and into the sites around the island. All topped off with a pit stop at the Thompson Bay for a bite to eat! We had the best time!"


Perth, WA
"Recently had a day out to Rotto on the super comfy ODO RIB, weather was quite ordinary with strong south westerly winds and this boat handled it perfectly. Once in the protection of the island we had some amazing dives and then we had a few beers and a great feed at one of the Rottnest Island pubs! Overall an epic day on the ocean and the crew were fantastic!! Highly recommend"


Perth, WA
"An express ride out to Rotto, flexible times to stay or move as you want, very friendly and super helpful. Diving, Sun, Pub, Quokkas, this was the easiest and most fun way to spend a day and tick all my Rottnest boxes. Highly recommended, thank you Ocean Day Out!"


Perth, WA

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